• Industrial Filtration
  • Domestic Filtration
  • Water Softeners
  • Installation
  • Back Up Service and Helpline

We engineer, build and deliver cost-effective, reliable systems with an emphasis on a total systems approach, and defined quality control and safety procedures. We support our customers through supply services, spare parts, and expendables.


Industrial Filtration- We cater for a wide range of Industries- Hotels, factories etc spanning various filtration techniques such as:

  1. Air Filtration- For more information please contact us.
  2. Bag Filtration- Bag Filtration offers an effective, economic means of removing large volumes of contaminant at high flow and/or high viscosity.
Benefits of bag filtration:

Contaminants are captured inside the bag for quick disposal

Convenient, economical filtration solution for particulate removal

Broad range of micron sizes 1 to 800 micon.

Stainless Steel Housings:

Recommended for chemical, beverage and high-grade water treatment. All stainless steel housings are available to meet individual requirements.


Domestic Filtration- Domestic Filtration and small commercial use- ie houses, restaurants and pubs, deal with all types of filtration. The domestic market tend to deal with problems such as:


  1. Iron
  2. Manganese
  3. Low PH (or acid water)
  4. Lime
  5. Nitrates
  6. Coli Forms


Water Softeners- We call water "hard" if it contains a lot of calcium or magnesium dissolved in it. Hard water causes two problems:

It can cause "scale" to form on the inside of pipes, water heaters, tea kettles etc. The calcium and magnesium precipitate out of the water and stick to things. The scale doesn't conduct heat well and it also reduces the flow through pipes. Eventually, pipes can become completely clogged.

It reacts with soap to form a sticky scum, and also reduces the soap's ability to lather. Since most of us like to wash with soap, hard water makes a bath or shower less productive.

The solution to hard water is to use a water softener. Filtration would be extremely expensive to use for all the water in a house, so a water softener is usually a less costly solution.


Installation Micron Filtration provide the complete service - taking care of your water filtration service from beginning to end-our technical team of engineers, install and start-up the appropriate systems. They also train personnel on-site on the use of the equipment.



Back-Up Service and Helpline- Micron Filtration provide services to keep your water treatment systems running efficiently and with minimum downtime.



No problem is too small or too big...